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Inspiration and evolution

UZZ 3.0 is a Max For Live device inspired in the step sequencer created by Len Sasso for Logic Audio. Redesigned and reviewed for the new Ableton technology and taking advantage of the ability of Live 9 to automate and map any parameter from his interface. We have created a totally optimized and new fascinating device. The new user interface has been designed by our great friend Luis Castellón 


Step Parameter

UZZ 3.0 is a 16-step sequencer where you can adjust each parameter in every step independently. Also, all parameters can be changed randomly with very few clicks. Awesome results really quick!!!


In this section you can see information of the corresponding step note and enable or disable the step with the cross or play button.


Here you can change the step pitch range from 0 to 12 (full octave).


Change the octave of the step, five eights are available from -2 to 2.


Change the range of the velocity of the step, from 0 to 127.


The duration can also be adjusted in each step, 128n, 64n, 32n, 16n, 8n, 4n, 2n.


With these two controls you can modulate any of the four maps controls or any destination using the matrix section.

Map Controls

The four controls allow you to map any parameter in your Live set. To make them work you should assign an entrance signal activating them at the Matrix modulation section.

Global Parameters

Global parameters affect the whole sequence:


Xpose has two states. ON: the notes coming from a MIDI clip will be the source for the transposition, OFF: transpose the sequencer manually using the adjustable number.




The playback direction can be modified:

  1. Forward
  2. Backward
  3. Back and Forth
  4. Random
  5. Drunk



Select the number of steps of your sequence from 1 to 16.


Change the quantization of the sequence: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8,1/16, 1/32, Dotted and Triplets.



Activate or deactivate swing on your sequence and adjust the amount.


Select the type of scale (up to 19 different scales).

Matrix Modulation

In this particular section of the device you can activate the incoming modulation signal from the Pitch, Velocity, Duration, and the two controls.

The parameters that can be modulated are:

  1. The four MAP parameters (M1 to M4).
  2. Two adjustable Controls Change (blue numbers)
  3. Program Change (PC).
  4. Pitch Bend (PB).
  5. AfterTouch (AT).




With the arrows you can Roll up and down the whole line of each parameter.


With presets you can store different sequences configurations, the UZZ saves these settings automatically when you save your Live song. Do not forget to collect and save 😉

How does it work?

  • To store: click + SHIFT in a blue box.

  • To recall: click on the desired box.

  • The orange box represents the current sequence.

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